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30 agosto 2006

Fiesta Basque way

Fiesta sometimes is translated as Party, but the meaning in Spanish in summer is broader, it means party + festivity + feast , and even more.

As an example. Aste Nagusia – the Great Week of Bilbao. Nine days and eight nights for fun and collective celebration, with thousands of people gathering for the festivities. BTW, Bilbao is my hometown.

A day in Aste Nagusia.

10:00 Flute and opening flare reveille. Chess contest. Boat races and Water games
11:00 Gargantuan with the Giants and Bigheads. Infant and Children´s games. Pelota tournament.
12:00 Bilbao Songs singing contest award ceremony. Basque Games (rock lifting, axe...). Clasical music concert.
13:00 Bertsolaris (some kind of troubadour gathering). Street theatre.
14:00 Cooking contest award ceremony
17:00 Party for elderly. Children´s games.
18:00 Bullfight
19:00 Basque dances
20:00 Sample of Metal/Rock’n’soul. Sacro Flamenco concert. Fire bull.
21:00 Comedy theatre. 60-70's DJs.
22:30 Fireworks
23:00 Concerts of local and international bands.

All this in different areas in the city with thousands of people, for free and afterwards party till next morning in the street, with some kind of bars/stalls where usually volunteers work in shifts to earn some money for different associations, political, sport, cultural... Or in bars and clubs completely crowded.

In my case centred in night events and with friends who partied till 14:00 some of the "nights" ^__^

A video of all this.


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