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24 agosto 2006

English section

Almost two years ago I started to write in this blog. The main goal was to explain to my family and friends what I was doing and showing part of the daily life in Hong Kong with text, photos, videos... Since then new friends have appeared in my life and some of you are not able to speak Spanish. I know that some nevertheless visit this blog just to see the photos and to try to guess what I am talking about. For you, I will try to write some posts in English. Not too often I guess, as I have direct contact with most of you!!!

In this post I will add links to them.

Partying Basque Way
Christmas Basque Way
Basque's vasques
Comparing real state
My roots
Basque language
San Fermín
The child and the magic box
Naming colors
How to go to several places in Hong Kong
Why foreigners can't learn Cantonese

Update dec/06: Since now on on your right side you will find also an automatical translation of the blog. It's not very good but at least you will know what I am talking about.
Update feb/08: I have added another translator, just in case. If one is not working the other one should.
Update 2016: Google translator now providing a very decent translations


  • Iurgirin iurgirin... a mi me pasó lo mismo hasta que un día me di cuenta de que era mas facil añadir un link de babelfish que te traduce el blog en pocos segundos.

    La traduccion no es la hostia, pero al menos la gente sabe de que hablamos.

    En la golden week de octubre nos vamos a tailandia... por cuarta vez. Fer y Alfonso estan casi casi convencidos. Que haceis vosotros?

    By Anonymous maliya, at 24/8/06 9:50 a. m.  

  • How nice of you! jajaja! Sorry, in english: hahaha!!!
    Musu handi bat!

    By Anonymous martains, at 28/8/06 5:36 a. m.  

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