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22 febrero 2008

My roots

Some posts before I talked about "real estate" in Bilbao, now I will try to show you something more. My roots. My home. What I will call home even if I live forever somewhere else. The places where I spent childhood and yet most of my life.

Bilbao is my hometown. Low density, 350,000 people. Low houses. Mild climate (9º-21º average). Quite rainny. Green. Surrounded by mountains and the sea just some km Northwards. The landmark and main attraction is the Guggenheim museum. Before it was an industrial city but after the crisis on the 80s it started to transform to a service oriented city. The museum's project was the starting point and since then the city has transformed, from a grey, dusty city to nowadays, when it is becoming nicer and nicer (more green areas, cleaner, best public transportation...).

Urdaibai, a biosphere reserve of Biscay, the place where we used to spend weekends and summers. Kanala is my mother's parents' town. Where they have a typical Basque country house. Mountains, beaches, one of the best waves in the world, little castle, the old meeting place of Basque people...

And some more pictures from around (Gaztelugatxe, Gorbea, Urkiola...) everything in less than 40km radius. Where I spend almost 100% of my time till I was 23 years old.

I recorded the video and took the pictures last time there, September 2007. I have taken some extra pictures from Flickr (1, 2, 3, 4 ...). The music, just extemporizing (some errors with the scale) above a base of an old song that I will record some day.


  • Congrats Iurgi!! The video is so beautiful. I remembered a lot of happy moments of my life, as the castle of Arteaga, where my husband and me went last valentine's day and he gave me the engagement ring on Laida beach. And SanJuan of Gaztelugatxe, where we made the convite of our wedding and we took an outstanding pictures.

    I'm sorry I don't write in a perfect english, but ir's a long time I don't do it, neither speak.

    Kisses from your roots!!

    By Blogger Iñaki y Eider, at 23/2/08 12:43 a. m.  

  • Actually it is really good. I can find errors in my text, but I do not care too much, none in yours. Neva and the rest of English teachers in the Ikastola should be proud of us, finally we are able to express ourselves in English! ^__^

    Me "congratula" que le guste el video Sra. Más en breve.

    Musu gehiago nire erro guztientzat!

    By Blogger iurgir, at 23/2/08 1:11 a. m.  

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