Iurgi de excursion

04 febrero 2008

Comparing real estate

My rental contract was expiring, helping some friends and colleagues looking for an apartment, so lately I was again inside the real state world.

I think I found a really nice place!

All the information is correct. Actually it even has central heating (you can see the radiators in the video) for those cold days! The only problem is that it is not in Hong Kong but in Bilbao. Some of you asked me how houses look like in my hometown, so there you go.

That’s the house of my sister-in-law and my brother (Usoa and Eneko). Their first house. It is not especially big, f.e. “my house”, my parents house, I mean, is around 1,300 sq feet and I also never considered it too big. It has real good windows. Built for thermal insulation: warm in winter, colder than outside in summer. Blinds. Nice big kitchen with modern glass ceramic cooktops. The facade of the building is nice. Next to it you have a nice place to walk or run next to the river. Close to the center, but without crowds.

Meanwhile I have renewed for another two years the contract of my little apartment in Hong Kong. Higher price in the market than that of my brother, but luckily the landlady was happy with me so I could keep almost the same price bargained before. And no complains! Really. I feel comfortable in it. I have get used to Hong Kong size. Home sweet home. If I ever move back to a western country everything is gonna look soooo big and empty ^__^