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18 septiembre 2007


Usually Hong Kong people say that Spaniards are "party-animals" that like to party long hours, love the night... Somehow is true and I can find different reasons for it, cultural, climate, etc. But I think that an object that you can only find in Spain and some other South European countries has also a big impact in our lifestyle: Blinds.

Real Blinds. Not those that you can find in Ikea. Blinds that block completely the light. At home :

Isolation. No light. Little noise. Temperature, even more when double windows are included. Perfect for sleeping during whole day! And may be the reason why I don't sleep so well in Hong Kong.


  • Where is my e-mail & photo? And when will you back HK?? I will go to London tomorrow again. Goodnight...
    La La

    By Anonymous Anónimo, at 18/9/07 11:14 p. m.  

  • Estaría usted bueno para vivir en las torres de Isozaki(Bilbao)

    By Anonymous Anónimo, at 19/9/07 3:18 p. m.  

  • Isozaki. Eso lo menos significa caramelo en euskera ^__^
    El futuro edificio más grande de Bilbao no va a tener persianas?
    Oso txartoooo

    By Blogger iurgir, at 19/9/07 11:33 p. m.  

  • Ja ja ja, no sé como tuviste la idea de hacerlo pero es muy interesante. Un abrazo


    By Anonymous Tristan, at 5/10/07 10:25 p. m.  

  • En Francia teneis persianas?

    By Blogger iurgir, at 5/10/07 11:35 p. m.  

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