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30 julio 2009

How to go to...

Quite often friends ask me how to go to some different places in Hong Kong. MTR, buses, minibuses, hiking paths... So I will try to use this post to put some directions and add later more as soon as I discover new places or new ways of arriving. Starting point Hong Kong island, mainly Central, where I am located now.

In this map some tips, enlarge for more details. You can get additional directions just right clicking and choosing "direction from here" to "directions to here" both by car or walking.
Update 2012: Google maps "By public transit" option has improved a lot and now I am using it very frequently, pretty reliable, just using that Directions option

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MTR, my first transportation option. Its webpage is very good, which includes a Journey Planner with very accurate times and routes, maps of the stations and surroundings, etc., so refer to it whenever you need to know anything related.

Here the web page of the HK's main bus company. Route search is a little more complicated, but can help a bit.


There are quite some different ways to arrive there.
Minibus from Yau Ma Tei is one of the fastest. Exit A2. Walk for 5 minutes to the minibus station next to Kwong Wah hospital.

Officially the minibus is "Mong Kok - Sai Kung". HKD14. Around 30minutes ride, but very variable, as traffic jams near Sai Kung are quite frecuent, above all, on sunny weekends.

Other routes. MTR to Diamond Hill or Choi Hung. There are minibuses and buses from there to Sai Kung.
There are non regular (only on weekends or some hours during weekdays I think starting after 18:30) minibuses from Wanchai/Cause Way Bay (Canal Road East). It is a good option for going back to the island: HKD21 & 30 minutes under best conditions from the minibus stop next to SaiKung stadium to Sogo department store in CauseWay Bay.

For sunny days Hang Hau might be the best option. MTR to that station and minibuses departing almost continuously to Sai Kung. Busy days I have seen one leaving every minute, as soon as people got into. Less than 30 minutes ride. If the queue is too long, just some meters from the stop you can catch green taxis too.

Tai Long Wan

The place more times mentioned in this blog. Here the map of the possible hikes. You can see that there are two main starting points. Chek Keng Pier and Sai Wan Pergola.

Chek Keng. First you need to arrive to Wong Shek Pier and take a taxi boat or ferry then. There are buses departing from Saikung's main bus stop, number 94, HKD5.8, 30 minutes.
Also from Diamond Hill, next to the MTR, only on Sundays and public holidays, bus number 96R, HKD16.4, 1 hour.
On Sundays and public holidays also, early morning, there are four buses departing from Chai Wan, North Point directly to Wong Shek Pier, 698R, HKD27.2, 1 hour and half.

The path starting from Sai Wan Pergola is little longer but easier, less steep. To arrive, there are white minibus departing from Sai Kung, in front of McDonalds (see the map above). HKD15. 30 minutes. The timetable and others here.
Otherwise taxi from Pak Tam Chung (any of the buses going to Wong Shek Pier stops there). Around HKD50. 10 min.
Taxi from Saikung. HKD80-100, 25min.

Two more ways to go. You can walk from Wong Shek Pier or from Pak Tam Au (see map) it adds 1 hour or 40 minutes of hike respectively to the hiking starting from Chek Keng.

Shek O - Big Wave Bay - Dragon's Back

MTR Shau Kei Wan. Just next to the exit A2 there are red minibuses to Big Wave Bay and Shek O. Around 20 minutes. HKD10.
Exit A3 for the bus. On the very end of the bus station, Southernmost. Bus number 9. Around 35 minutes. HKD6.9

Start of the Dragon's Back hike. Any of the previous minibus or buses can leave you there. Ask to the driver for hiking start bus stop. It's the stop previous to the Cape D'Aguilar Road turn.

Tai O - South Lantau hikes

MTR to Tung Chung, exit B. Bus number 11 to Tai O. From there to the South Lantau hike start head to the South 500m. Refer to the map again.

South Bay Beach

One of the favorite beaches for foreigners and a chill out / party place for some. There is no direct public transportation. Best option is to take a bus to Repulse Bay. Minibuses departing from Cause Way Bay (map) or 6, 6X, others. From Repulse Bay you can either take a cab or walk there. Parallel to the Beach Road on the very end of it you have South Bay Road just walk for 25min, 2km (map again).

Cheung Chau

Ferries departing from Central ferry piers. Pier number 5. Timetable and fares. The Fast ferry takes something more than half hour. The Ordinary around one hour.

A new service of the Transportation Department: a Public Transport Enquiry Service. Trying it recently...


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