Iurgi de excursion

26 noviembre 2006

There is a time...

for being you
for being really you.
A time to be completely honest
to say the truth and nothing but the truth.
Stupid child who doesn't follow the standard practice.
After Everything will be mostly the same.
But at least the world would know
what you were really thinking.
Living life to the fullest.
Time to be you.


  • Dear Stupid child,
    You did very well yesterday. Actually, I am power of you because of your brave...
    Take care!!

    By Anonymous Agatha Chan, at 27/11/06 4:34 p. m.  

  • Dear stupid child,
    I am power of you. You are so beave!! I know I cannot do it in my life. Anyways, time will recover and proof all things.
    Take care,

    By Anonymous Anónimo, at 2/12/06 8:04 p. m.  

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