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24 octubre 2007

La boda Hello Kitty (segunda parte)

Ya cuando casi me había olvidado de la boda de la que hablé a principios de año, me encuentro con el video del evento!

Sin comentarios. Que cada uno opine lo que quiera, but sometimes Hong Kong is really different.


  • Nowadays, HK has Ocean Park Wedding and Disney Wedding in HK...BUT what is the different between HK wedding and spanish wedding??

    By Anonymous Anónimo, at 30/10/07 4:29 p. m.  

  • The main difference is that I don't think almost anyone would even think about a wedding like this.
    Let's say that usually are more standard: church, banquet, white dress, vals...
    FYR some pictures and video.

    By Blogger iurgir, at 2/12/07 4:29 p. m.  

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