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16 agosto 2010

Euskal ezkontza = Basque wedding

Just to show you the other version, my hometown's one. To be honest, this is not the most usual wedding ceremony, at all, but my brother and his (now) wife wanted to celebrate it that way. And it was real fun.

With traditional Basque dresses, here I am with all my "little" brothers and the bride.

At my grandparents' village house, the building behind the couple during the ceremony.

Urdaibai as scenery. The little boat that we used to sail with.

Tons of pictures. Here at the restaurant my cousin, wife, daughter. Dedicated to Chris, who thinks that the little girl is really really cute.

And the video with the whole event.

Euskal ezkontza = Basque wedding

Anaiaren ezkontza. La boda "del" hermano.The wedding of my bro. Just another way to say "Yes, I do". Great fun too.

Posted by Iurgi Ruiz De Gauna on Sunday, August 15, 2010



  • zorionak zuri, y no por el reportage sino por el día de hoy. Zorionak y vuelve antes del año que.....

    By Anonymous Anónimo, at 23/8/10 2:38 a. m.  

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